Get rid of the paper

Brifle makes it easier for companies and local authorities to send and receive digital mail. With Brifle, companies can send and receive digital mail quickly and securely. This not only reduces costs, but also ensures that important information and invoices are delivered directly to business accounts. This is particularly practical for customers who are often on the move

Why Brifle?

Save time

You can save time when sending letters, contracts and invoices.

Reduce costs

The cost of sending paper mail can be saved. Digitally signing documents also saves a lot of money.

Digitise processes

Processes can be handled completely digitally. No media disruptions and better accessibility ensure that a larger target group is reached.

What can be sent by Brifle?


Brifle enables the authenticated sending of important messages. Sending is fast and secure. Private individuals as well as companies and participating authorities can be reached.

Pay Slips

Transfer your employees' payslips quickly and in compliance with the GDPR. This means your employees have access to their payslips at all times, even after changing jobs.


Send your invoices via Brifle. This ensures that the invoice reaches the right recipient and is paid on time thanks to the integrated notification function.


Send contracts to your customers completely digitally and receive a digital and cryptographically secure signature directly. No more printing and scanning, and signatures are secure against AI manipulation.

Vet letters

Do you no longer want to send documents or lab results from animal examinations in printed form? Then simply send them to your customers digitally and securely via Brifle.

Registered mail

Do you want to be sure that the recipient has actually read the document? Then send it as digital registered mail or with proof of delivery.

How can I send documents by Brifle?

Send documents via web application

Our web application makes it easy to send documents. All you have to do is select the subject, the recipient and the document and you are ready to send.

Send documents via smartphone app

Sending via smartphone is also very easy. Select the recipient and the document, and the digital letter is on its way.

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