Digital invoices

Pay your bills stress-free. Receive your invoices digitally and pay them with just a few clicks – without the hassle of searching for an IBAN or invoice number.

What are digital invoices?

Digital invoices are electronic documents in which payment information is stored. This payment information can be used to facilitate the processing of payment data and thus the payment of invoices.

How do I pay digital invoices?

Paying the invoice is very easy and is done via your own online banking. By clicking on Pay, a payment request is sent to your bank and all you have to do is authorise the payment via your bank’s banking app and the invoice is paid. It is also possible to link your own bank account to your mailbox so that payments only need to be authorised via the banking app and no more bank details are required.

How do I receive digital invoices?

Every sender who sends their letters via Brifle can also send digital invoices. As soon as you open a digital mailbox with us, you will receive digital invoices from registered senders.

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