Digital Post

Do you want to simplify your mail management and protect the environment at the same time? With Brifle, you get an innovative solution for receiving, organising and managing your physical mail in digital form. Experience the convenience of Brifle and take the step towards a paperless future!

What is digital post?

Digital post offers the opportunity to communicate confidentially and reliably with a contact person. State and local authorities in particular still rely on traditional paper mail. One reason for this is that citizens do not have an e-mail address. On the other hand, e-mail is not a secure and reliable means of communication. With digital post, we offer a secure exchange of documents such as notices and notifications without the disadvantages of e-mail.

How do I open a digital mailbox?

To set up a digital mailbox, you need your ID card with online ID function and the corresponding pin. You can then register and identify yourself using our smartphone app. You have now set up your personal digital mailbox, which authorities, offices and other companies can use to contact you digitally and securely. For security reasons, registration and set-up can only be carried out via the smartphone app. Your smartphone therefore becomes your key to your digital mailbox. If you want to access your mailbox via our web app, for example, you can log in using a QR code and your smartphone.

How does the delivery take place?

When you register with your ID card, the postbox is linked to your ID card details. This allows the authorities to send you documents based on your name, date of birth and place of birth. For particularly sensitive information, the ID number is also used. As not every sender has your ID details, your mobile phone number and email address can also be shared. This means that digital letters with your name and mobile phone number will also be sent to you.

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